Rebound Migraines

Rebound migraines….these types of migraines are the worst, but something I would like to talk about.

Rebound migraines can be caused or triggered by medications and caffeine from coffee or soda.

The biggest source that causes a rebound Migraine is Opiate/pain medications. Any pain killer that has a combination of codeine and Tylenol with trigger rebound migraines, even over the counter drugs such as Excedrin, aspirin etc.. It’s not to say that you can never take these medications, but you cannot take them Daily. If you take them once or twice a week it shouldn’t cause a rebound migraine.

The first thing my neurologist told me was to stop taking Excedrin & Pain killers for my migraines. I couldn’t believe it, Excedrin right? Isn’t that stuff for headaches and migraines! He told me they can make them worse, & cause more harm than good. Excedrin actually contains caffeine.

There are also Migraine medications that cause rebound migraines, which seems mind boggling. Medications that you take when you get a migraine like Imitrex, Relpax, Zomig etc. If you take them to often they will cause rebound migraines. My neurologist has told me with the 3 medications I take when I get a migraine I can only take each different medication twice a week. But alternate between them. Sometimes when you get a lot of migraines like me, it gets difficult.

The other reason you can get rebound migraines are changing of seasons, I always seem to have trouble in the fall, and spring. Just like when it storms, or the weather changes I always seem to suffer more with my migraines.

So when you find out your suffering from a rebound migraine, the only way to fix it is by stopping the pain medications your taking for a few days, and by calling your doctor. When I have had a rebound migraine, they have put me on a steroid dose for a week, and when I got a very bad case and they had me go to the hospital for a outpatient visit and gave me medication through I.V. The good thing is, there is treatment.

So I will list some of the symptoms of a rebound migraine I have experienced:

  1. Nausea
  2. Irritability
  3. Memory Problems
  4. Severe Pain
  5. Having 2 or more headaches/Migraines
  6. Pain medications not working or Headaches/migraine coming back when pain medications wear off

Preventing these types of migraines is the key. Sometimes you can do everything and they still happen, but the biggest thing to remember with migraines is, to eat regularly, get enough sleep, exercise if you can, reduce stress(this is very important), avoid triggers and most of all take your prescribed medication & avoid your triggers. Everyone has different triggers.

Good luck and be well. Any questions contact me anytime 😀

*Disclaimer* I am not a doctor or health care professional, this is just a recommendation on my experience.

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