Dealing With Extreme Light Sensitivity

pexels-photo-399772.jpegLight sensitivity is a major symptom and trigger for me and something I’d like to talk about today. With migraines light sensitivity is a major problem, the slightest light is like someone sticking a knife in your eyes/head. 

Dealing with light sensitivity is very hard, I have to have the brightness turned down on the tv, on my phone and iPad. I can no longer use a laptop because it will trigger a migraine within 10 minutes. I have to have my bedroom dark, I have blackout curtains so no light can get in, and have to have the blinds shut in the rest of the house.

If there is any light in the bedroom, like sunlight coming in the bedroom I will wake up with a severe migraine. So I have blackout curtains in the bedroom which are great, and you can buy them at Walmart or target for a decent price. They are great for winter or summer too, because they keep the heat and cold out.

Having a dark room like this really helps, my fiancé calls it my “Bat Cave” lol, but it really helps prevent a migraine. When I have a migraine I’m so light sensitive that I can’t take any amount of light, so having a dark room where I can sleep and be in makes all the difference.

So you can see how easy you can become depressed because of this. The only down fall of this is being in a dark room/house all the time can make you become depressed over time. But when your so light sensitive like me you have no choice. So you just have to manage.

I also changed my light bulbs to LED light bulbs, they are fairly inexpensive. I purchased mine at Walmart and I got the Walmart brand so they were a bit cheaper, you can get different brightness’s and I got the lowest. They last a long time and save on your energy bill and really help your migraines. This was actually a idea from my dad, all the lights in my house were fluorescent light bulbs ever since I changed all the lights to LED bulbs my migraines decreased. So I would recommend if you can to change your light bulbs to LED light bulbs.

Going into stores like Walmart or target or even the mall are extremely difficult for me. You will find that almost every store that you go into has fluorescent lights. When I do go shopping I have to wear my dark sunglasses. Because of this I don’t do much shopping anymore, my fiancé has to do most of the shopping because every time I go into stores that has fluorescent lights I get a migraine within 10 minutes.

Even going to the movie theater or going out to eat at a restaurant can be tough, most times when my fiancé and I go to the movie theater to watch a movie or a restaurant I have to wear my dark sunglasses, because I will end up getting a very bad migraine. This becomes very annoying and such a hassle, so I don’t have much of a social life anymore. Because of this we don’t go out very often, so this makes life very challenging.


Managing your life when your extremely light sensitive can be extremely hard but these are some of the things you can do to help:

  • Get Black out curtains
  • Turn the brightness down on all your electronic devices
  • Get dark sunglasses (I got prescription dark sunglasses made for me at LensCrafters)
  • When you go into stores that have fluorescent lights, or restaurants or the movie theater, wear your dark sunglasses to prevent a migraine (fluorescent lights are a trigger for me so I have to do this)
  • Change your light bulbs in your house to LED bulbs (not only will they help with migraines, they will help your electric bill too)
  • Have the minimum amount of lights on in your house if possible

If you can do any of these things they can help dramatically. Dealing with light sensitivity is a daily struggle that no one can understand unless they have migraines. It’s a piercing pain that can trigger a migraine and when you have a migraine it’s even worse.

So in conclusion, do what ever you can to minimize the light in your house, if possible. I have realized after 7 years of this, that migraines are just apart of me now and so I have had to adjust my life around them. Getting frustrated and mad only makes it worse. All these things have helped dramatically and decreased my migraines, I’m all about natural methods to help migraines so anything like this to prevent them I will do.

If you have any questions or want to share things that have worked for you, you can comment below or contact me 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Thanks for reading 😃

*Disclaimer* I’m not a doctor or health care professional, I’m just sharing my advice on my experience.

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