Silent Migraines


Silent migraines are migraines that occur without an aura or without warning. I get these a lot. These migraines at least for me tend to be less severe, but are still very bad and I get all the same symptoms beside the blindness in my eyes.

You can get these migraines while doing your normal daily routines, or even sleeping. I get these almost every morning. I wake up with severe migraines every morning, which is why I call these silent migraines. 

The symptoms are all the same of a migraine with aura which include: 

  • Nausea or upset stomach, or vomiting
  • Severe throbbing pain on one or both sides of your head, and pain in eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Sensitivity to light, sounds, smells, and possibly motion (when I get up my head feels super heavy, and my head feels like a cement block)

When I get these migraines the only thing to do is take my medication, and I use an ice pack behind my head which really helps. I also put a cold wash cloth over my eyes when my eyes hurt and get sore, I also wear my sunglasses too which helps a lot. My eyes always seem to hurt a lot with silent migraines, because I’m extremely light-sensitive.

The biggest thing to do is just relax, in a stress free environment if possible and sleep. Sleep really is the best way to relieve migraines. When we get migraines it causes inflammation and sleep helps calm that as well as medications. I’ve also found that massaging the temples, head and neck really helps too. You can get one of those neck massagers at walmart or target for a decent price and it really helps.

Again I just want to stress if you’re not seeing a neurologist to make an appointment because they can get you on some medication to make feel so much better and lessen your migraines and get you feeling a lot more comfortable. It’s also very important to make sure nothing else is going on, the first thing I got was an MRI and I checked out fine. However, I know sometimes financially doctors get expensive. If that’s the case I’m always here to help in any way possible.

Any questions contact me anytime, sorry for the short blog today I had one of these silent migraines this morning which is why I chose to write about it today.

Thanks for reading


*Disclaimer* I’m not a doctor or healthcare professional I’m just writing and offering my advice on my experience. 




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