Migraines: When your sick


When your sick migraines tend to go out of control. I wanted to talk about this topic today because I myself am currently sick, and suffering from this and just wanted to give some advice on what to do when this happen’s because it’s not something we can control.

When your sick and suffer from Chronic migraines like I do or are prone to migraines or headaches you have to be careful with cold medication. Especially the nasal decongestants and sinus headache medications, even mucinex DM, to much of those medications will cause rebound migraines and that’s the last thing you need when your suffering from a cold or the flu. Just make sure you look at the labels.

The biggest thing when your sick is it’s very hard not to take a nasal decongestant pill/medication, because you get so congested so I find that if you take it once or twice a day or as needed I seem to be fine. I’ve even used the nasal sprays when I’m really congested instead because there are two nasal sprays (at least that’s what I found) one that has the Phenylephrine and another one that has a different medication in it, so I try to alternate not only the nasal sprays but the decongestant pills too. Just be sure not to over do it. I find the Nasal sprays work better for me. 

Some things to try if you’re congested are:

  • Hot showers always work great and make you feel better
  • Netty Pot (But these are extremely uncomfortable)
  • Alternate between Nasal Sprays & Nasal decongestant medications
  • NyQuil/DayQuil (I’ve never had a problem with these before)


Some things to stay away from if your congested:

  • Any Sinus headache medications (theses medications trigger a severe migraine within 20 minutes for me)
  • Nasal Decongestant medications (If you have to take one, make sure its just the straight Phenylephrine and take it as needed and don’t over do it, and make sure there are no other medications mixed in with the decongestant)
  • Mucinex DM. (Any of the other Mucinex medications are fine)

pexels-photo-304784.jpegIf you have a chest cold like I do right now, I’ve never had any problems with any of the cough syrups or NyQuil like I stated above. NyQuil is pretty much my best friend when I get sick because it doesn’t cause rebound migraines and it covers most of my symptoms, the only thing it does is make you drowsy but when your sick you just want to sleep anyway, at least my fiancé does lol. 

So in conclusion, if you get a migraine when you get sick just monitor your flu medications, take your scheduled daily medications, drink plenty of water (very important), Drink plenty of fluids, take vitamin C, rest and use an ice pack behind your head to help with the pain. If you feel that you have a sinus headache/migraine try the ice pack on the front of your head/face for 20 min (that has helped me in the past).

If you feel you have a sinus infection try take some maximum strength  mucinex, but if that doesn’t work (like me ) go to urgent care or to your primary doctor because your migraines will only get worse until the sinus infection is cleared up. I almost always get a sinus infection and ear infections when I get a cold/flu. 

I hope these tips have helped, I know it’s cold/flu season and my fiancé and I are really feeling the effects of it this week so I wanted to share my tips on how to get through a cold/flu when you suffer from migraines like I/we do.


If you have any questions or want to share any tips please contact me or comment below.


Thanks for reading 


*Disclaimer* I am not a healthcare professional or doctor, I am just sharing my experiences and offering my advice and tips that I have learned.