Today I want to talk about triggers, finding your triggers which cause your migraine’s is a big key into controlling your migraine’s.

Everyone has different triggers, caffeine is a major trigger for me, if I have a sip of any drink with caffeine I will get a migraine with in minutes. I haven’t had caffeine or coffee for over seven years now, the only thing I drink is water because I find I get more migraine’s if I drink anything else.

As you go along your migraine journey you will find what triggers your migraine’s, whether it be caffeine which is a major trigger or chocolate, cheese, bright lights, fluorescent lights, being on a computer too long Etc.

For me bright lights, fluorescent lights and computers trigger my migraine’s right away so I had to replace all the bulbs in my house with low wattage LED bulbs, which made a huge difference for me. I also find being on my iPhone or iPad I don’t get migraine’s but if I am on my laptop I will get a migraine.


  • Caffeine ☕️
  • Chocolate 🍫
  • Cheese 🧀
  • Milk 🥛
  • Processed foods
  • Bright lights💡
  • Fluorescent lights 💡
  • Being on a computer 💻 too long
  • Stress
  • Alcohol (Red wine 🍷 especially for me)
  • Lack of sleep 😴
  • Dehydration
  • Hunger
  • Medication overuse
  • Hormonal changes
  • Weather changes (especially when it rains ☔️)

There are probably many more these are just the ones that really affect me.

Some Tips I’ve learned that help with migraine’s are:

  • Inhaling lavender oil can help with migraine pain (I have a diffuser right next to my bed)
  • Massage your neck and temples (I have a neck massager that you put around your neck that works great)
  • Warm your neck & bottom of your head with a heating pad or warm cloth for tension headache’s
  • Relax
  • Minimize stress if you can
  • Make sure your taking your preventive migraine medication (if you have it) on time every day
  • Avoid your triggers
  • Warm lemon water or lemon tea helps with migraine pain
  • Ice at the bottom of your head helps calm your migraine
  • Eating ice cream or something cold can calm the migraine I have found from experience.
  • Make sure your drinking plenty of water because dehydration is a major cause of migraine’s
  • Turn down the brightness on all your devices such as phones and iPads etc.
  • You can even turn down the brightness on your tv (I have found that since doing this my migraine’s have gone down)
  • Put blackout curtains in your bedroom (If any light comes in my room I will wake up with a terrible headache which turns into a migraine)

These are just some of what helps me, they may not help all because we are all different. I hope this helps.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or message me.

*Disclaimer* I am not a medical professional, my advice/information is all based off of personal experience.

Published by

Lisa Wilson

I’m 33 years old and have been suffering from Chronic Migraines for 7 years. I have had migraines all my life, the first one was when I was in 4th grade, and as I got older they got worse. My migraines turned into chronic migraines 7 years ago and have become so debilitating that I can no longer work or have much of a social life. Bright lights and fluorescent lights are a major trigger, so I have to wear dark sunglasses most of the time. Because of that, I can no longer work, go shopping or be outside for a long time. Over the last 7 years I’ve learned how to live with this disease. Many people don’t understand the pain & sickness because Chronic Migraines are a silent disease. I get migraines 3-4 times a day, I loose my vision, and get very nauseous and confused. The only thing I can do when this happens is take my medications and sleep. I’ve been trying to get disability for 7 years now & had no luck. The problem with this illness is because you can’t see it like a broken arm or leg etc. Everyone thinks it’s not a big deal. Unless you have experienced this, many will never understand. To be honest, I wouldn’t want them to. This disease is a nightmare and wouldn’t want anyone else to go through this. I have suffered so long and am still suffering, that I have depression now. After 7 years I have learned a lot of information and tricks, and that’s what I want to share. My goal is to help others get through this day by day, because I understand what your going through. I understand the excruciating pain, the times where you don’t want to move your head because it feels like a cement block. I understand all the times people have passed you off because they think your exaggerating or being lazy. I understand all those times the doctors have just given up on you. I have had countless tears over the last 7 years. I have a great family and I try and get by with what I have and that’s what’s important. If I could I would start a charity or organization for people with Chronic Migraines so we wouldn’t have to rely on the government when we simply cannot work because the moment we start a job within 10 min we would have a migraine. I sympathize with all of you. I have been through it all. I’ve tried many treatments and medications and tried many natural ways to help. I’ve learned a lot over the last 7 years and I want to share and help others in need as much as I can. I want to share what has worked and what hasn’t, Tricks that make the headaches and migraines get better, and information on migraines and the different types of migraines. My mission is I want to help others that suffer like I do. If I help 1 person that will be enough for me. God Bless

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